Checkout 6 Important Factors For Buying Salon Trolleys

Imagine that you have set up a salon, bought in the expensive and highly durable furniture, worked upon interiors but, but forgot to buy a storage cart! Well, this looks like an unimaginable thing, but it does happen with budding salon owners. Many times amongst all glitz and glamour, they overlook the task of buying an exclusive salon trolley.

Salon trolleys are the heart of salon functioning. Salon trolleys are storage carts that help the staff for storing essential yet smallest things like hairpins to biggest accessories such as dryers. It comes with utmost flexibility that it can be moved from one place to another swiftly as per the need. Since everything is made available handy, even the visiting customers are at ease while the staff uses trolleys.

Do you wish to buy a salon trolley for your own salon? Here is your handy guide that will help you in selecting the best trolley.


It wouldn’t be worth buying a huge salon trolley that occupies the majority of the space in a salon. Do you agree? Definitely! Hence, if you have a small space, never go for big trolleys that occupy volumes inside the salon. Also, you need to check the list of items that you are planning to keep inside the trolley, if they are large, you need to pick up the salon trolley option accordingly.

Ease of moving:

The ultimate purpose of a salon trolley is to make things readily available within the salon space. With the list of products loaded inside the salon, a salon trolley should be flexible to move around corners, from one end to another. Hence, it would be best if you pick up a salon trolley that is light in weight and moveable.

Assembly service:

Salon couches provider has no such big deal of assembly, but a salon trolley needs to be assembled once it is brought inside the salon. Hence, you need to select a salon trolley whose assembly is not much of a hassle. It is a time-consuming and a bit complicated process. And hence, if required right at the seller’s place, try assembling the trolley all by yourself. If you find the installation comfortable, then go ahead and make the final purchase.

Trolley drawers:

The prime dictum of buying a salon trolley is to place maximum things inside it as much as possible. Additionally, there could be a variety of equipment that you wish to store inside the trolley to keep your salon more organised. Hence, check the number of drawers a salon trolley has and ensure that some of them have the lock facility to put essential and costly equipment inside.

Varieties and Design:

This is the best part of the selection journey. Along with the features and functionality, the salon trolley should look elegant and go with the interiors of the salon. Whichever trolley option you choose from the pool, it should be of high quality, durable and with good finishing. Today, many modern designs and functions are available at the salon equipment stores which facilitates easy cleaning and operation of the salon trolley.


You may like a multi-story trolley, but are you sure that it would be highly stable? Understand one simple thing that you will be placing various sizes of tools and accessories. It would help if you judged the stability of your selected trolley based on that. Do not compromise by buying a sensitive and unstable salon trolley just for the sake of getting other benefits.

Hence there are a number of factors to be considered before buying a salon trolley. It would be best if you invest in the product, which makes you fall in love with it over and over again.